Henry Arce: Production Designer

Right out of high school I went to study commercial construction, a field in which I worked for eight years. This

was a great opportunity for me to build a strong work ethic but knowing that it was taking a toll on my body, I

decided to leave and pursue my passion in other ventures. I started out building custom furniture pieces, my

passion working with my hands was satisfied but it never got me anywhere financially.


I tried my luck opening up a little coffee house in the early 90s named Caffe Cappio. Business was good but not

great, and while it started picking up, it was always a struggle to get ahead. In the time I owned the caffe I also

wasn't able to pursue my passion, so after two years I decided to close up shop. Steve Frederick, a good friend of

mine growing up, gave me the opportunity to break into the motion picture industry. As a producer he offered me a

job in the art department and I hit the ground running. I knew from the very moment, stepping onto that first set,

that this was a place where I could pursue my passion.


My career in the art department began and would continue some twenty years later as the journey I am still on

today. Through this journey I have held such positions as: Construction Coordinator, Prop Master, Decorator,

Assistant Art Director, Art Director, and Production Designer. After years of acquiring the knowledge of the

mechanics and technical aspects of set design, I found myself developing my own personal style and approach.

Getting a job done in time, on budget, and with a great crew is what I pride myself on. I believe that our job on any

set is only accomplished through team effort and cooperation between all departments of the crew.


I pride myself on working with everyone to make sure that visions are achieved in a successful and creative way.

Working with so many talented people and creative minds has given me inspiration on all the things that I have

done in the past and can accomplish in the future. I have worked on countless music videos, commercials, and TV

shows. I have long-standing relationships with the same producers and directors that I have worked with since I

started working in the art department some twenty years ago.


Currently, I am living in Los Angeles working on my craft as a Production Designer, helping Directors to find a visual

transformation that services their story. My desire is to continue working to make the stories that people have in

their mind become a reality in life.


phone 661-313-1355  | henryarce@icloud.com